At its core, the mission of Indiana Wesleyan University is to change the world for Jesus Christ by challenging and equipping our students to pour salt and shine light everywhere their lives take them. The concept of being world changers and developing world changers permeates everything we do at IWU. Whether you are a student, an employee, an alumnus, or a guest at IWU, we are striving to bring out the world changer in you.

To provide a focal point for this effort, IWU created the Society of World Changers in 2003 to recognize role models who have exemplified the concept of world changers and whose lives can serve as an inspiration to future generations. Each year a World Changers Convocation is held on IWU's Marion campus to induct a new member into the Society and celebrate his or her accomplishments. A life-size bronze bust of each inductee is placed on permanent display in the Society of World Changers Hall of Honor located in the rotunda of the Jackson Library .

Current Inductee

Dr. Michael Carmichael

Previous Inductees

An Idea Born of a Book ...

The idea for the Society of World Changers sprang from a campus-wide conversation about the book Roaring Lambs, written by the Society's first inductee, the late Robert Briner. The book challenged believers to live out their faith boldly in the hustle and bustle of their everyday world - and to engage head-on a culture that is often indifferent, if not antithetical, to the Christian worldview.

... And Lived Out on Campus

This concept is foundational to everything we do at IWU as we assist students in developing a world changer's mindset by examining how Christian ideas both challenge and enrich the prevailing thought patterns of contemporary society.